So glad you stopped by to find out more about me and how I can contribute to your music project, theatrical production, or worship ministry.

I’ve been working in music and the arts for over 30 years in a variety of settings and groups...
  • with professionals and volunteers
  • church choirs, orchestras, and touring ensembles
  • live and broadcast events
  • studio projects
  • worship services 
  • Broadway-style theatrical productions

Areas where my specialized services can be of help are... 
  • arranger / orchestrator
  • sheet music engraver
  • music director / conductor
  • theatrical producer
  • consultant / workshop presenter

So what’s your project?
  • Need an arrangement or orchestration for a piece of music?
  • Need a conductor or music director to work with your choir or cast?
  • Need to know how to organize and produce a musical?

My desire is to come alongside you and help make your vision a reality. So browse through the website. Check out some of the media to get a feel for my work. Then, let’s start a conversation and explore how my services can bring added value to your project.